Why you’ll always give up your diet and never get fit. Unless you do this.

Whether it’s a new year, the start of summer, or a special event, we all tend to feel excited with the typical goal and resolution of dieting or losing weight. We’re motivated. We research the latest diet and fitness trends, buy into the best fitness programs and latest equipment, throwing out all of the junk food and moving full steam ahead while thinking this time around it will be different. Maybe we complete one good week or even two good weeks of workouts. But soon enough, all of the rush, energy and enthusiasm fades as quickly as it all started.

I am definitely guilty of this and there’s no shame in admitting it. And this is why most of us fail to stick to our health and fitness goals.

Let’s break it down clearly and see how we can stop this vicious cycle of goal setting and giving up.

The most common reason why we decide to start a diet is because of an external force or pressure. Maybe a friendly-family weight loss competition or attendance to a relative’s wedding. Even if you end up winning the competition, you quickly fall back into the same habits and regain the weight you lost. Why? Because we’re doing it for the wrong and weak reasons. The reason shouldn’t be for an event, or because everyone’s doing it. The reason should come from within you. A better reason to reach your fitness goals should be because you made a decision to start living a healthier and fit life; with emphasis on life, because making such a decision is a lifestyle choice, not a means to an end.

But if it’s not the reason above, it’s highly likely we fail because we’re too quick and motivated to try to do anything and everything to reach our fitness goal. Others may be too quick to overthink and over-plan and never even get to start their fitness stint. Be patient and KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid.

When it comes to health and fitness, I’ve learned that you’re better off just simply starting out with the basics you know and without focus or expectations on results.

Focus on the process and not outcome.

Seriously, starting out with what you know will suffice. There’s no need to do research or listen to fitness influencers talking about counting grams, calories, reading nutrition labels or throwing out all of your junk food. It’s all unnecessary. You don’t need to make these crucial life decisions now or all at once. You’re better off starting out with what you know – we all know how to walk. Get those steps in. Then add some walks between your break-times at work. Maybe you decide to jog in the morning. Then instead of watching Netflix, you start running in the evenings. And when you have dinner that evening, maybe you decide to drink water instead of soda. All of a sudden you became twice as productive, dropping Netflix and Soda in the same night because you kept the decision simple. Simplicity builds Productivity.

Once you realize that fitness and maintaining good health is a lifestyle and not a race, you’ll have all of the patience and readiness to run this life marathon. You’ll realize that simply starting today, right now, without a plan but with what you already simply know is a good enough plan. And you’ll start to cultivate the feeling of that positive, righteous and deserving high that we all feel immediately after committing to a good and productive workout. Once you’re here, at this point, regardless of how long it’s been. Whether it’s week one or week ten, it doesn’t matter. You won’t want to stop. Even if you could stop, you’ll feel a reluctant guilt quickly taking over you that will pull you right back into working out again. Because you need and want to maintain this healthy feeling, this fit lifestyle.

So if you’re waiting for the next year to come around, or think it’s too late to start your diet because the holidays are coming, I have to tell you that only déjà vu will be waiting; that vicious cycle of physical motivation and abandonment awaiting to repeat it’s course on you. There’s nothing to wait or think about. Better yet, there’s no “diet” to start or “weight” to lose. There is simply, a Yes-Or-No decision on whether or not you want to start living a fit or healthy life.

Once you made this decision, your mind will realize that you are no longer focused on the outcome like before but the process; this new healthy and fit lifestyle. You will then have all of the knowhow and tools you need to start today, right at this instant. No need to Google, YouTube, or join any Facebook groups or subscribe to any apps right now.

All you need to do is take a walk. Better yet take a Hike. Go for a Run. You know the drill.